Closing JeffConnect Encounters

A JeffConnect visit that is not closed out properly will stay on the provider’s JeffConnect schedule as In Exam. Providers need to close these visits to ensure proper billing and reporting, prevent future administrative errors, and to receive telehealth credit for the visit.

Using JeffConnect on a Desktop

Visits that are not closed properly are listed with a status of In Exam.

To close the visit: 

Click View on the visit labeled In Exam.

In the bottom right corner, select Review & Sign.

Click Sign & Complete.

The visit’s status displays as Completed on the provider’s JeffConnect schedule.

Using the JeffConnect Mobile App

When using the JeffConnect for Providers app on a smartphone, providers must tap the arrow next to the open button to confirm which visits are In Exam.

To close In Exam visits on a smartphone:

Tap Open.

Tap Review & Sign and Sign & Complete.

The closed visit now appears under the recent visits header.