Host a Telehealth Visit in JeffConnect

This guide covers how a provider hosts a video visit in JeffConnect.

How to Host a Video Visit 

Log in to JeffConnect.

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, log into the JeffProvider app, available on the App Store
If you’re using a computer, log into on an internet browser.

The JeffProvider app is different than the JeffConnect app for patients. To host a telehealth visit on an iPhone or iPad, you must download the JeffProvider app. 

2. You will see your Telehealth Patients listed with a status of Scheduled until the patient joins the visit. You may also see other patients scheduled within your practice.

3. When the patient connects to the appointment, a bell chimes. The patient status will change to Patient Ready and the blue View box on the right will become a green Open box. Click Open.

4. You are now in the appointment. To begin the video, click Connect to Patient. The patient will receive a notification that you have entered the exam room. If either you or the patient are prompted, allow camera and microphone access to JeffConnect. You will then be able to see and hear each other.

5. When the appointment ends, click the red phone button to hang up.

6. Click Review and Sign.

7. Then, click Sign and Complete to close the visit.

You must click “Sign and Complete” to close the JeffConnect visit. If you need to close the visit to prevent administrative errors in the future and to receive telehealth credit for your visit.

8. Document your note in your Electronic Medical Record as you normally would.

Telehealth vs Telephone Encounters 

If you experience technical difficulties, you may decide to finish providing care over a telephone call. 

Deciding whether to bill the visit as a telehealth visit or a telephone encounter depends on a variety of factors, including whether you ever had a video connection. Telephone encounters also require getting consent from the patient, etc.

Here is more information about COVID-19 FAQs on telehealth billing. Additionally, for more information, check Compliance’s page on MyJeffHub.