JeffConnect Call/Voicemail Script for Patient Outreach

Use this script as a starting-off template when performing patient outreach for JeffConnect. These questions will help you make sure the patient’s technology is set up for their appointment. This script was adapted from the 03.27.2020 JeffConnect Super User Guide, created and distributed by the Jefferson Telehealth Department.

Outreaching a Patient

Script for When Someone Answers the Phone

“Hi, this is _____(your name) and I’m calling from Jefferson’s ____ Department for ________ (patient’s first name). Is that you?”

To protect PHI, only use the patient’s first name. Also, ask the person who answers the phone if they are the patient—this can verbally confirm whether you have reached the patient or not.

If Reached Patient

“I’m calling to see if I can help you get set-up for your appointment on ___ (date) at ___ (time). We sent some automatic directions to your ___ email address and a link to click to join the appointment, when we scheduled the visit. I wanted to know if you saw these directions or needed any help getting set up.”

If the patient saw the instruction email

Ask the patient the following questions, as appropriate.

  • Do you have any questions on how to connect? What device were you planning on using?
  • If an Apple smartphone/tablet, did you have a chance to download the JeffConnect app?
  • If a computer, does it have a webcam/camera and working sound?
  • Did you have a chance to register your account yet? If not, you can click on the visit link to register your account.
  • Do you need me to send you a guide on how to register your account?
  • Do you have any questions? Please call us or our support line at 215-955-7975, option 4 if you have any questions or need assistance. Or

If the patient did not see the instruction email

“The easiest way to connect to the appointment is with an Apple tablet, a smartphone, or a computer with a camera. Do you have one of those devices available? What questions do you have about how to join your visit?”

Answer the patient’s questions. Below is information for your reference.

Join a JeffConnect Video Visit Steps
  1. To join a visit on a smartphone or tablet, the patient should download the JeffConnect app (the icon is a blue profile of Thomas Jefferson). To join a visit on a computer, the patient should go to 
  2. The patient should then click the link in the email sent to them when the practice scheduled the appointment. This will direct the patient to register their account, if they have not done so already, or log in.
  3. If it is within 15 minutes of the appointment, the patient will be brought to the Virtual Waiting Room for the visit once they have registered their account or logged in. If it is more than 15 minutes before the appointment, the patient will not yet be able to join the Virtual Waiting Room. The patient will hear a song/jingle once they have entered the Virtual Waiting Room.
  4. Wait for the provider to join. Providers normally join within 15 minutes of the appointment time. When the provider joins, the patient will be prompted to allow camera and microphone access and should choose “Allow”.

Voicemail Script

Leave a voicemail, such as:
“Hi, this is Jefferson’s ____ Department calling for ____ (patient first name). I’m calling to see if you received our email with directions on using JeffConnect. The JeffConnect system can be used for things like video visit appointments. Please call us or our support line at 215-955-7975, option 4 if you have any questions or if any issues arise.”