Register and Join On Demand JeffConnect Visit on a Computer

This guide goes through the steps to join a JeffConnect On Demand visit and register for JeffConnect if you do not already have an account. 

Register for JeffConnect

You can register for JeffConnect and join and On Demand visit at any time. To register:

Go to and click Create Your Account.

Enter the email address the practice staff used to set up your visit. Enter your first name, last name, and date of birth. Then click Continue. 

Create a unique username and password. This can be anything you like. Read Terms & Conditions, and the Privacy Policy. Check the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy. Click Continue.

Use the dropdown arrows to select two security questions. Enter your answers and click Continue.

You will then be taken to your account home page. Select Add Patient.

Select Myself.

Enter the same demographic information as you previously entered in Step 2. Select your gender. Click Continue.

If JeffConnect says your email is already in use, click ContinueThis occurs if the practice has already scheduled an appointment for the patient. The practice includes the patient’s email when scheduling in order to send registration instructions to the patient’s email address. Finish registering the account so the patient can log in and join the visit.

Answer the question. Select Add Patient.

Unless the patient has heard from their employer or college/university that they have a medical coverage agreement with JeffConnect, select the third option. Only people with specific employee medical plans associated with JeffConnect, such as Jefferson Health medical plans, should select the first option. 

Enter your primary address. Click Continue. 

Enter your phone number. Click Continue.

Enter your height and weight. Click Continue. 

Select your gender. Click Continue.

From the dropdown, select your preferred language. Click Continue.

Select whether a Hearing Impaired Relay Service is needed. Click Continue.

Answer your medical and social history questions and click Continue. 

The social history questions must be answered to prevent questions when joining a visit. The other sections are not required to register the account or join a visit.

(Optional) The next screen asks for a Primary Care Physician. You may enter you primary care physician information if you wish, otherwise, select Skip. 

Selecting a primary care physician is not required to register the account.

(Optional) Enter an emergency contact. Click Finish. 
Assigning an emergency contact is not required to register the account.

You will finally be taken to your JeffConnect account home page. Here you can entered your scheduled visit, request to see a provider immediately through On Demand, or view your healthcare information.

Request and Join an On Demand Visit

To join an On Demand visit, click Request a Visit.

Select your Name.

If you skipped some demographic questions while registering, you will see this screen and you will need to complete them now.

Update your Address, Height, and Weight and then click Next.

Update your Social History and click Continue Requesting Visit.

Click Continue.

Select General Medicine.

Click Allow for you microphone and camera to be used.

 Click Play Sound to test your audio and video.

Click Yes if you heard the test audio recording.

Click Continue to use your computer video and audio. Unless you have an issue with your computer’s audio, avoid using your phone audio.

Select your phone number or add a new one.

To reduce your wait time click First Available provider.

(Optional) To avoid technical issues, click Skip. Your family member will receive an email with a link to join the visit if invited.

Click the Reason for your Visit.

(Optional) Upload photos of your condition. Otherwise, click Continue.

Add your preferred Pharmacy.

Add your Payment Information. You will automatically be charged $49.00 for an On Demand visit. You can request reimbursement from your insurance provider with a receipt following the visit.

Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Review your information and click Confirm & Start Your Visit.

You have now entered your virtual waiting room. A provider will join you shortly!