Troubleshooting Add Patient and User Only Messages

A patient may see a screen saying Add Patient upon logging into their JeffConnect account if they did not use the link emailed to them to join their scheduled visit. The patient needs to finish the registration process from this screen in order to connect to their appointment.

To avoid these errors, encourage the patient to use the link emailed to them to join their scheduled visit.

When the Add Patient message appears, the account shows as User Only within the JeffConnect Admin Portal. 

To resolve the Add Patient message, tell the patient to:

Select “Add Patient

Complete the demographic information with the exact same information as the patient used to create their JeffConnect account.

After completing the demographic information, the following screen will appear. Select Continue.

Patients will be prompted to select how they found out about JeffConnect. Unless they are a Jefferson employee or student, have them select the third option: “I don’t have any of those, I just want to sign up for JeffConnect.” Then press Continue.

Patients will be prompted to answer all registration questions that are bypassed with the link. These include:



Hearing impaired Status

Upon answering all the questions, the patient will be taken to their home screen where they can join their scheduled visit.

The patient’s account will now correctly be listed as “Patient (Primary)” in the Admin Portal.